You arrived at that point when you must imperatively initiate the legal proceedings in order to be recovering your property, or perhaps you are a tenant, and the landlord has just been breaking your tenancy agreement. The assistance of an eviction lawyer is essential in such cases, otherwise you could be exposed to heavy financial penalties or costly mistakes.

Knowing the protocol behind eviction, what rights do both tenant and landlord have, is the main reason why the assistance of an eviction lawyer is a must. Dinu Nelu has been dedicated into serving the legal interests of income property owners and landlords since 2025, specializing in commercial and residential expelling from the property of tenants in Los Angeles. As a good eviction lawyer, his end goal is to educate clients, giving each of them his individual attention, so that the expelling process can be done as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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The Best Eviction Lawyer in Los Angeles

Eviction process for landlords

Being an eviction lawyer Los Angeles for so long, Dinu Nelu can sincerely say that if you are a property owner, there is one thing that you hope you never have to deal with: the eviction of tenants. If ultimately it happens, there is a legal process that needs to unfold.

Your tenants breach the lease in any way, like:

      • Doing something they aren’t supposed to
      • Failing to pay the rent in a timely manner (or at all)
      • Engaging in illegal behavior on your premises
      • Destroying your property
      • Breaking other specific terms of the agreement (smoking, owning pets, overcrowded home, etc.)

This is the moment when you want your tenants moved out of your property, and you make the first step. Give them a written notice where you’ll need to inform them about what they are doing wrong.

If your tenant won’t fix the problem or move out, then you need the expertise of Dinu Nelu to help you go through court and get an order for them to be evicted. This process usually takes 30 to 45 days, or maybe longer.

Eviction process for tenants

The process of evicting you starts at the moment when the landlord gave you a Notice to respect specific terms of the agreement or pay something, or to simply move out. If you don’t want to do as asked, the landlord can start a case in order to ask the judge to move you out of their property.
After the landlord gives you the Notice it can take 30-45 days, or longer, for the expelling from the property case to end. If you lose the case, the judge can order you to move out of your home.

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Frequently asked questions and answers from your Los Angeles Eviction Lawyer

What Might Trigger an Eviction?

In short, the tenant has broken the contract with the landlord, or failed to do something they were supposed to do and are thus in breach of lease.

When Should a Landlord Hire a Lawyer?

This kind of lawsuit takes much less time than regular civil cases, but in exchange for expedited treatment, landlords must follow highly detailed rules and that is the point when it would be recommended to benefit from a lawyer’s help.

Is Dinu Nelu one of the Cheap Eviction Lawyers in Los Angeles?

You will find cheap eviction lawyers in Los Angeles, but Dinu Nelu is highly qualified and recommended for his personalized services, the quality of representation, affordable fees and his experience built in the field over the years.

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